Vietnam War in the News is an edited review of Vietnam War related news and articles.

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'No event in American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It was misreported then, and it is misremembered now.'
- Richard M. Nixon

Vietnam War Films, Movies, Documentaries

Documentary series "Vietnam in HD" delivers a clearer picture than ever of terrible conflict
"Vietnam in HD" -- a new 6-hour documentary series on the Vietnam War -- gets it right in the sense that after you watch it, you want to weep.

Lost John Ford documentary "Viet Nam! Viet Nam!" discovered   (Article no longer available from the original source)
A long lost film by American director John Ford, called "Viet Nam! Viet Nam!" about the American War, has been released online after 37 years of storage at the US National Archives. The 58min documentary produced in 1971 is divided into 2 parts. The first section depicts the country and the people involved in the war, and the second part covers discussions and images of the anti-war movement in the US. Ford and the film crew sought to expose the peaceful life enjoyed by the Vietnamese people before the conflict started, in contrast to how much it changed during the war. The documentary reveals how misery and horror became part of everyday life for the Vietnamese.

DVD Review: The Vietnam War - History Channel
The Vietnam War is one of the most controversial engagements in the American history. The History Channel has put together a set of programs, delivering a non-biased look at the decisions, and chronology of the events. Disc One has the 4 episodes of "Vietnam: On the Frontlines." Mixing interviews with Vietnam veterans and the footage from CBS, the viewer is given a glance into the war that has rarely been seen. Battle stories are heartrending enough in the words of the veterans, but coupled up with the news footage and reporting, it becomes a greater more personal grief.

The Legend of Intelligence General Pham Xuan An   (Article no longer available from the original source)
It is the longest portrait documentary ever made by TFS and portrays the espionage activities of the spy Pham Xuan An during the American War. The 12-part documentary "Huyen Thoai ve tuong tinh bao Pham Xuan An" (The Legend of Intelligence General Pham Xuan An), will show never-before-seen footage that is stacked away in the US troops` document warehouse. The director Phong Lan said the film took 5 years to shoot. Viewers will have a chance to see An not only as a brilliant communist spy with solid strategies but also as a normal man in his daily life. The documentary film closes with moving footage of the talented spy losing his 3 month battle with emphysema.

The Last Ghost of War Documentary - Deadly impact of Agent Orange
The theater in New York`s Greenwich Village was filled, both with an audience and a searing indictment of the chemical catastrophe afflicting generations of Vietnamese because their country stood up to the US and defeated it in 1975. That indictment was the showing of `The Last Ghost of War` documentary. Shot in the US, Vietnam and France, the film details the legacy of Agent Orange in Vietnam. 1962-1971, the US sprayed millions of gallons of Agent Orange and other defoliants on the southern part of Vietnam as part of its effort to derail the struggle of the Vietnamese people.

Film tells story of Vietnam refugees - Journey From the Fall
Those in southern Vietnam who were forced into re-education camps or who took to the ocean in search of freedom after decades of civil war are often called boat people. Filmmaker Ham Tran wanted to capture the story of Vietnamese refugees. "You see films about the Vietnam war, but it's all about American veterans. The history of Vietnam didn't stop when the Americans pulled out." His film, "Journey From the Fall" comes to Wichita on Friday. It focuses on one refugee family's experience, and is rated R. Vietnamese Americans in Southern California financed the production, raising more than $1.6 million in less than 2 months.

Bruce Beresford completes Long Tan movie script
Bruce Beresford has completed the script for a movie about one of the most famous chapters in the Australian's military history, the battle of Long Tan. The script paves the way for the casting of a film about the 1966 battle in Vietnam, in which 18 Australians died while fighting off a much larger force of Viet Cong and North Vietnamese troops. For the script, he interviewed a number soldiers and officers involved in the confrontation and took accounts from the book, The Battle of Long Tan as told by the Commanders to Bob Grandin.

Combat Zone Film wins praise of Vietnam vets
The flashes and battle sounds are jarring on film. In real life, adrenaline dampened the noise and confusion in a riverside jungle in Vietnam. A documentary shows David Larsen stepping off the front of a 31-foot Navy river patrol boat. He was loaded down with an M-60 machine gun and extra ammunition. The film, part of a series called "Combat Zone," does not show how the weight of that load almost made the sailor stumble as he rushed into the foliage to help 6 U.S. Army soldiers. It could not recount the terror as he laid down protective fire against 50 Vietcong. Former patrol boat crewmembers came to Naval Station Everett to preview the documentary.

Film documents Vietnam War's appalling legacy   (Article no longer available from the original source)
12yo Thuy Linh was born without arms in south Vietnam, but she's managed to overcome part of the struggle by writing with her feet. For most people, the Vietnam War ended 30 years ago. But for the thousands of Vietnamese like Linh who were exposed in some way to Agent Orange chemicals sprayed over 30% of Vietnam, the nightmares still exist. The stories of Linh and others who were affected by a harmful byproduct from Agent Orange, dioxin, are told in a documentary called "The Last Ghost of War."

Heart of Darkness: Vietnam War Chronicles 1945-1975
Heart of Darkness, which is based on neither the Joseph Conrad novel nor the similarly titled documentary about the filming of Apocalypse Now, is a 2005 documentary in 7 parts, touching on many aspects of the Vietnam War. There's a lot here, covering the French occupation, the Gulf of Tonkin, the Tet Offensive, Hamburger Hill, and the aftermath for those who served. Once it enters the era of American involvement, things pick up. As the episodes move into the '70s, American vets are called upon to narrate.

American troops shot by their own commanders in Battlefield
Documentary "Sir! No Sir!" details how wartime experiences led some U.S. troops to join the peace movement. Green Beret Donald Duncan dreamed of being a war hero, until the brutality he witnessed in Vietnam destroyed the convictions that made him willing to fight and die. The doubts of men like Duncan would evolve into outright rebellion, with active-duty American troops refusing Vietnam duty, inciting stockade riots, joining off-base protests and going AWOL. In Vietnam, the film links this opposition to the hundreds of battlefield shootings by American troops of their own commanders in a notorious practice that became known as "fragging."

Documentary Winter Soldier: Vietnam veterans against the War
Winter Soldier is an anti-war documentary that records the testimony of members of The Vietnam Veterans Against the War, an organization of dissenting ex-G.I.s that came together in Detroit January of 1971 to tell America about their experiences in Vietnam. A filmmakers' co-op convened to film veteran testimony that refuted the version of the war given us by the Nixon. Winter Soldier is direct testimony by the 125 Vietnam Veterans Against the War filmed in harsh B&W, interrupted only intermittently by bits of war footage and snapshots taken in combat.